• Musical Theatre Dance

      Musical Theatre Dance

      Learn routines choreographed to shows from Musicals, Broadway and the West End.

    • Pointe Strengthening

      Pointe Strengthening

      This class prepares pupils for going “En Pointe” Pointe work is an evolution and extension of effective ballet training.

    • Tinies Ballet, Tap & Bop

      Tinies Ballet, Tap & Bop

      These classes incorporate free movement, ballet, a little tap, singing, mime and an opportunity to meet other children

    • Broadway Babes

      Broadway Babes

      A fun easy going adult class with no pressure to learn various routines from popular musicals, west end and Broadway shows. Its your turn to shine!!

    • Ballet


      Ballet is taught to the syllabus of the Professional Teachers of Dancing and promotes skill, grace, poise, self-discipline and self-confidence.

    • Street Dance

      Street Dance

      Hip Hop/ Street Dance Routines are taught using up to date music.

    • Showgirl Academy

      Showgirl Academy

      Transform yourself into a showgirl…from Can Can to Irish, to Musical Theatre

    • Ballet, Tap & Jazz

      Ballet, Tap & Jazz

      These classes combine the 3 genres, Ballet, Tap and Jazz.

    • Jazz


      Jazz is a fusion of lyrical dance and limbering.

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