The Debbie Jay Dance Academy is a well-established family friendly dance school in Formby that was founded in 2000. All Classes are held at the Dove Centre by Formby train station. Initially the school was set up by Jean Berel in 1965, then when she retired the reigns were passed over to Debbie.

Since 2000 classes have gone from strength to strength and pupil numbers have increased. Initially only Ballet, Jazz and Tap were on the timetable with Debbie being the only Teacher but now we offer Streetdance, Progressing Ballet Technique, Showgirl Academy, fitness classes on mini trampolines, Tinies Ballet, Tap and Bop classes, Pointe Strengthening, Broadway Babes Adult Class and Musical Theatre  Dance Classes. In addition to Miss Debbie the other faculty are Miss Suzanne and Miss Kate, plus we have numerous teaching assistants.

  • A family friendly well established dance schoool
  • Experienced, caring and fully qualified teachers
  • Boosting confidence through dance
  • Opportunity to participate in exams and medal tests
  • Pupils are also encouraged to take part in our shows


We strive to deliver value for money and aim to keep our fees as competitive as possible.


All our classes are held at the Dove Centre in Formby, offering a safe, friendly and comfortable environment.


All our staff are suitably qualified, come with great references and have been through all safeguarding checks


DJDA is committed to encouraging all dancers to strive for excellence and reach their full potential whilst enjoying themselves. Our goal is to provide quality dance instruction through caring, professional teachers in a friendly, non-competitive, family orientated atmosphere.  Correct technique is taught in a fun, relaxed but controlled class.  We have great relationships with our supportive parents and the success of each dancer is the result of great team work between the dance studio and our dance studio families.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer a trial period before we commit?

    Yes of course! If you wish to try one class it’s free, if however you wish to try 2 or more classes you can purchase a weekly pass for £5.00. Fees are payable monthly, not termly. 30 min classes are £4.00 45 min classes are £4.50

  • Do you put on shows?

    Yes we put on shows every 2 years, (COVID permitting!) The excitement and adrenaline rush that comes from being on stage is one that once experienced is never forgotten!

  • Do you offer dance exams?

    Yes we offer exams with the Professional Teachers of Dancing

    Q. Do you have to take exams?

    A. No, exams are optional, however we do encourage them and exams are a great way to reward effort and achievement.

  • Do you run classes over the summer?

    No, DJDA classes run alongside the school term.

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